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Breeding Season 2023: A blog of interesting breeding activity during the year.

A gallery of photographs of recent breeding events.


Small Redeyes egg-laying ; Little Grebes with chicks riding on adult's back ;

Female Gadwall with 10 ducklings ; Dainty Bluets egg-laying ; Goblet-marked Damselflies mating ; Pair of Redveined Darters flying in tandem (mating) ;

Little Grebe chasing away intruder Grebe and on Nest.

Pair of Eurasian Buzzards performing aerial breeding display.

Female Common Linnet gathering nesting material from edge of Windmill Pond ; Little Grebes - One on nest and the other in the water, Windmioll Pond ;

Little Grebe on Windmill Pond - looking to nest ; Cork Grove Barn Owls mating ; Cork Grove pair of Barn Owls ; Windmill pair of Barn Owls

Cork Grove Barn Owl Nestbox; Young Wild Boar - a piglet less than 10 months old ; Stripy Wild Boar piglet ; Corn Bunting singing from the ground.


In November 2022 A pair of Common Barn Owls moved into a nestbox outside our office.

This is very early suggesting inexperienced birds. And in December 2022 another pair of Common Barn Owls moved into the nestbox in our Cork Oak Grove.



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